Stories About My Guide Dogs

Author Clark Roberts - Wags to YouClark Roberts lost his ability to see at age 24 and has been inextricably connected to his guide dogs for a mobile lifestyle. This is a book about hope, courage, and inspiration as shared by a dog-lover and guide dog dependent.

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Speaking Engagements

Clark Roberts Speaking EngagementsWhether speaking to kids at schools, adults at corporations and private events, Clark has been a motivational speaker since the early 1990′s. His life experience overcoming physical challenges will engage and inspire you.

Arby the Wonder Dog

Guide Dog ArbyArby is a yellow labrador that is both a friend and a guardian for Clark. Arby is part of a very important guide dog service, that provides mobility and independence for people with vision impairment & disabilities.

Clark Roberts Speaking at Gonzaga University

Youth Leadership Programs

Clark Roberts strongly believes in supporting youth leadership programs, because of the positive impacts that are made on teens from participating.  Washington Business Week is one such program.  For many students, this will be the first time in their life where they get hands on experience with real life business simulations.  Clark’s life experience and approach to challenges fits perfectly with these kinds of programs.

Through good humor and humility, Clark speaks to students throughout the year, teaching awareness & diversity education through “Ultimate Vision.” His goal is that they embrace their potential, overcome obstacles & remove judgmental barriers that can hinder self development.  With these kinds of tools, students will be better prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

Upcoming Book Signings and Appearances

We are so excited to announce the release of Wags to You: Short and Long Dog Tails. Clark will be reading and signing books at the following locations.

What people are saying…

“Mr. Roberts spoke to our third, fourth, and fifth graders about perseverance, courage, and honor and to never give up no matter what the challenge. During his talk, Mr. Roberts had captivated all age groups prompting many very wonderful questions of curiosity.” “It is very clear Mr. Roberts has the ability to help our young and young adults be aware of an ability we all hold whether we are disabled or not.” Kitty Chadwick (Counselor) Skyway Elementary. Coeur d’Alene Idaho“Clark is good at keeping a vision alive inside of himself and sharing hope for others to do the same. He lets you know that you can succeed.”

Karla Busenbark – A.V.I.D. teacher, Chinook Middle School, Bellevue Wa

“Clark’s message and approach to the students gave them a sense of strength and hope that they can make a difference in their futures.”

Chris Hammons – Principal, Lakes Magnet (Middle) School, Coeur d’Alene, Id

“…Clark Roberts demonstrates celebrating differences, helping students recognize challenges as growth opportunities, and supporting students to take on their challenges as personal growth objectives.” “.…Clark has a compelling story and can share his emotions as well as the struggles he encountered moving from a life of sight to a life of blindness. His story, and his willingness to share it, helps students put their own day-to-day challenges into perspective.”

Judy Buckmaster – Principal, Tyee Middle School